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White City
Chapter 铜牌单间套房(Bronze Studio) Student Accomdation Image



Chapter - White City铜牌单间套房(Bronze Studio)

每周 £250 起

Floor Plans


  • 房间设施

双人床 120cm*190cm(不含床品)、独立卫浴、简易厨房、学习区,书桌椅、衣柜、储物柜、暖气、安全炉灶、微波炉、烤箱、冰箱、免费宽带和无线网络、包水电气等一切杂费

  • 公寓设施


  • 房间面积

13m² - 14m²

  • 房间楼层

低层 (位于地下2层 - 0层)

中层(位于1层 - 4层)

高层(位于5层 - 6层)

Jan 21 – July 21 Pricing

Sep 21 – July 22 Pricing

Sep 21 – Aug 22 Pricing

  • Chapter 低层(Lower Level) Room


    £275 PW

    £250 PW

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  • Chapter 中层(Mid Level) Room


    £285 PW

    £260 PW

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  • Chapter 高层(Upper Level) Room


    £290 PW

    £265 PW

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  • Chapter 低层高级房 (Premium Lower Level) Room


    £290 PW

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  • Chapter 中层高级房(Premium Mid Level) Room

    £325 PW

    £295 PW

    £270 PW

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  • Chapter 高层高级房(Premium Upper Level) Room


    £300 PW

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Chapter White City Community Manager

Chapter White City is located just one stop from the massive Westfield shopping centre and less than 20 minutes to Oxford Street. Your new home includes beautiful social and study spaces, a state of the art gym, and a social calendar all helping to create a fantastic community during your stay. Your safety and security is vitally important and our 24-hour friendly on site team are there to ensure your experience is second to none.

Josh Canavan 020 3675 9229

Chapter White City, 10 Westway, Shepherd's Bush, London, W12 0DD

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